A live chat is a real-time method of communication between a website hosting supplier's support crew and its customers. It's an efficient way to receive some information about the website hosting services or have some issue resolved because you're speaking with a live agent. The benefits of using a real-time chat service instead of calling or opening a trouble ticket are the lower possibility of errors any time you exchange info like usernames or domain names, the quicker response time since the communication is live plus the fact that you don't have to stay on the chat all the time - you are able to do something else while the representative examines the issue involved. Also, you'll be able to become a part of a live chat room from any kind of computer which is connected to the Internet, avoiding the telephone rates that you'll have to pay when you're calling to a different country.

Live Chat Support in Cloud Hosting

We supply a live chat support service for all Linux cloud packages that we offer and we're able to help you with almost everything in real time. If you don't have an account with our company yet, we can provide you with more information about the packages so as to help you to select the most suitable plan. If you are an active customer, we will be able to help you with any general or billing matter in addition to with lots of common tech issues, such as an e-mail address installation in a desktop email client. In case you cannot call us for whatever reason or you are in some country where we don't have a local phone number, the live chat is the best option to get in touch with us. Of course, some problems need more time to examine and test, which means that you will need to open a support ticket to our technicians, but nonetheless, we will save you time and help you with various problems on the chat.

Live Chat Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We supply live chat support as part of our services, therefore any time you have any kind of questions about our Linux semi-dedicated packages, you can talk with our customer care team at any time regardless of whether you've already acquired your account or not. In general, the chat service is for pre-sales, billing and general questions and issues, but we're able to help you with quite a lot of tech questions too. We can help you choose the ideal plan for your websites if you do not have an account yet, we can reply all of the billing questions or concerns you may have or we can help you with setting up your new email address on your PC or smartphone - all the aforementioned will be done promptly because our live chat service is accessible all day long, every day. Whenever you require support, you are able to chat with an agent and save a lot of time.